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Group Services


Thermit Welding of

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Thermit welding portions and all allied consumables and accessories. With a fully automated plant in Haridwar, we cater to the requirements of railways and other customers across India. We are proud of the fact that the quality of our work is the best in India as per Railway Records.


Translamatic Robotic Welding

Translamatic Robotic Welding technology is the best in the world for reconditioning of CMS Crossings and Carbon Rails. We provide all these services to Indian Railways with excellent quality of workmanship and management of work. We are the Indian partners of the Technology Owner CTF Sauron, France.


Ultrasonic Testing of Rails and Welds

We conduct Ultrasonic Testing of Rails using the Tranz-B1000S B Scan 9 Channel Rail Tester. This is the first B Scan 9 Channel Rail Tester to be approved in Indian Railways and given permission for testing of rails. We were the first to use a B Scan 9 Channel Rail Tester to conduct rail testing in Indian Railways. 

Product Photo 3D Scanning.png

3D Scanning Of River

Scanning of River beds under and around the bridges is a must, specially in relation to Scouring around the Bridge Piers. This is the first time this is being done by a 3D Scanner, introduced by us in Indian Railways. Using this technology, scanning the river bed has become very easy, thus enhancing the safety of the Bridges. 


Bridge Health Monitoring

Along with our partner Strainstall, we provide services for bridge health Monitoring, Camber Monitoring etc. thru instrumentation and our state of the art software SAMS (Structural Asset Monitoring Software). We are proud that we are handling the health monitoring of the highest railway bridge in the world, Chenab Bridge.


Broken Rail 

Along with our partner NGRT, we have introduced Broken Rail Detection into Indian Railways. The trial process is currently on in Indian Railways and very soon we hope to get the approval for adoption for the same. Our technology uses only one passive receiver per 10 km and works on monitoring natural frequencies


Phased Array Rail & 
Weld Testing

Phased array Weld Testing has been introduced by us to Indian Railways. It is a revolutionary technology which basically scans the entire weld or rail for the smallest of the defects. Most importantly, it is independent of the skill of the operator and the equipment is designed in a way that if the testing is done, it will be done correctly.

RTI vehicle front.jpeg

Vehicular Ultrasonic Testing
Of Rails

Along with our Partner Rail Technology International, we have introduced, successfully, for the first time in Indian railways, Vehicular Ultrasonic Testing of Rails. Our technology for ultrasonic testing has been verified as per the Indian standards. Vehicular testing shall be very useful for increasing the testing capacity in Indian Railways.


Train Detection and 
Warning Systems

Fully developed in India, we are manufacturers of Portable and Level Crossing versions of Train Detection and Warning Systems. The Portable version is convenient to be carried by the railway teams who are working at site which then warns them of the incoming train. The Level Crossing version is a permanent fixture on LCs.

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