Our Core Values

We at Oberoi Thermit abide by some core values which have always given us strength.

1. ForwardLooking - We think this is one of our most important core values which we at Oberoi Thermit abide by. Most of the people almost always dwell upon what has happened instead of thinking about what to do next. Dwelling upon what has already happened is not productive at all. When doing this, one usually tends to focus on the negative. Instead of doing this, one should be Forward Looking. This means that whatever has happened, it is not the end of the world and we still must think about and plan for what we must do further. This would ensure that we do not dwell upon what has already happened and essentially waste time and at the same time we would plan ahead to do everything in a better way. We always strive to improve ourselves because we never stop thinking what to do now in a better manner.

In a nutshell, in any and every situation, the firstand foremost question we as an organization ask ourselves is WHAT NEXT.

2. Trust - Trust is the core value which we incorporate in our organization as it makes us do so many good things. In our organization, we try and work in such a manner that our clients and colleagues are able to trust us fully. This is very important as trust happens only when we are honest, we show empathy, we are ourselves trusting, when we take ownership of things, when we do our best for others, when we go out of our way to help others and many more things. We ensure that we behave in exactly this manner so as to earn the trust of everyone else and hold that trust as if our very life depends on it. We do this as we trust ourselves to be worthy of everyone else’s trust.

We have a relationship with all our clients and the SOLE FOUNDATION OF THAT IS TRUST.

3. Giving - This is again a very important core value which we as an organization have been following for a long time now. Giving simply means this only, giving without asking for anything in return.We believe there is a universal law which says whatever you give comes back to you multifold. The most important thing weunderstand is that whatever we do and however we act should be the same as what we want for ourselves from others. People tend to do good things as it makes them feel of good about themselves. If we do something good for ourselves, we feel good but for a very short time. However, when we do something for someone else, that feel of good factor lasts for a much longer time and we feel very happy, satisfied and proud of ourselves.In our organization we strive to continue having that feeling every day of our lives.We totally understand that the happiest people are not those who are getting more, but those who are giving more. There is a simple solution to this which would always keep us happy and proud and keep others around us happy too for the rest of our lives.